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Support and Maintenance
Silent Assistant propose maintenance services to most of its clients. These include web site maintenance, both design and programming, with maintenance management software (CMS) as an option. SA maintenance services have an impressive track record of punctuality and reliability.

Our package covers the following:

  1. Maintenance of up-to-date website structure and contents such as information and graphical design. This involves updating existing contents, and deleting/archiving outdated contents. Content could be in the form of web pages, documents, icons, graphics, multimedia, script and etc. This will cover all the contents that could not be added, changed, deleted by the Client through the content management facilities and administrator module.

  2. Provide corrective and preventive maintenance of defects. Preventive maintenance includes investigation and rectification of broken links periodically. Corrective maintenance includes attending to user queries, providing support to them in the daily operations of the system through Email/Phone/Fax

  3. Advise, manage and support changes to the system to minimize the impact on the system availability.

  4. Rectify bugs caused by the error of the software and any other possible causes

  5. Monitor the performance of the system and perform the necessary activities to the system to ensure efficient use of resources and optimized performance.

  6. Provide support to Client's officers including attending to officer's queries and assistance to them in the operation of the web site through email/phone/fax. An online problem defect reporting system is available for Client's officers to submit their support and maintenance requests. Assumed that Client will be responsible for support for all Web server/Hosting/Hardware issues.

  7. Produce monthly reports on maintenance activities.

  8. Update the technical documentation affected as a result of the activities stated.

  9. Maintain a log of maintenance activities for all the activities comes under support and maintenance.

The Normal Maintenance Coverage Hours are
Monday to Friday : 8 am - 6 pm
Saturdays : 8 am - 1.00 pm
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