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Data Entry
Data entry is an important element of any business in today’s fast-paced business environment – important, but time consuming. Companies are more and more looking for ways to free up their employees’ time to accomplish necessary tasks critical for daily business operations. The time and effort you are putting into this process could be spent growing your business. We specialize in streamlining data entry processes that allow you to save time and increase your profit margins don’t let these tasks load you down – trust us for your data entry projects. Silent Assistant is proficient in handling online and offline data entry services in any range as well as for any size company. Whether you are conducting market research, managing a large direct mail marketing program, or simply have boxes of paper documents you need to be converted into electronic format, our dedicated staff of professionals are prepared to get the job done accurately and deliver the results in a timely fashion!

  • Online and offline data entry services include but not limited to:
  • Business card data entry.
  • Data entry from handwritten, hardcopy, or printed material.
  • Online website content entry.
  • Data entry for e-books, catalogs, and labels.
  • Data entry for mailing lists and mailing labels.
  • Form processing for invoices, receipts, product/warranty registrations, reward programs, product orders, or rebate forms.
  • Insurance claim entry.
  • Sorting and indexing data in any format.
  • Data entry for surveys, credit card applications, health care studies, and patient records.
  • Data entry from a variety of sources such as mailing lists and image files.
  • Online or offline data processing, data capture, data collection, or data conversion.
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