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Portal & Content Management System
Silent Assistant’s Portal and Content Management practice provides consulting, design development, integration and support services for portal services and content management solutions to clients across a multitude of industries.

Our enterprise portal capabilities enhance value to customers through innovative offerings in areas of usability, Web 2.0 offerings, enterprise portals, enterprise search and e-commerce.

Silent Assistant's Enterprise Content Management Solutions provides the power to change the way you communicate over the web.

Below are only a few and commonly used modules that we can customize and provide. Our team has a wider experience in migrating your existing web application to a more enhanced web portal.
  • Announcements
  • Articles
  • Blog
  • Event Logs
  • Enhanced HTML
  • Links Management
  • FAQ
  • File Directory Tree
  • Flash Module
  • Google Search
  • HTML Document
  • Mapquest
  • Newsletter
  • Quiz
  • SendThoughts
  • Signin
  • Sitemap
  • Survey
  • Tasks
  • Local Weather Conditions
  • Iframe Module

Other Features
  • Admin Modules
  • Manage Portals
  • Manage Users
  • Site Settings
  • Site Title
  • Theme and Layout
  • User Registration Rules
  • Language Settings
  • Site Meta Tags
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