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Why is Cloud for Me?
Best Performance - Inherent Redundancy - Total Control - Quality of Service SA Cloud Services gives you all of the flexibility and control of a dedicated server, with better uptime, better performance and less hassle. If you are prepared to administer your own server and applications, this is the product for you.

With root level "white box" access, you can install, manage and administer just about anything. Web Sites, Internet Services (SQL, Exchange, etc.), Software-as-a-Service Applications, Infrastructure services and more!

Backed by rock-solid SLAs and Service Contracts, SA Cloud Services provide total Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in one easy-to-administrate infrastructure you can have confidence in.

Incredible Technology
Enterprise Blades & SANs - Citrix Xen Server - Dedicated Resources - Multiple Data Centers You get what you pay for. SA Cloud Services are powered by the latest in Storage Area Network (SAN) technology, featuring multiple SANs with SATA, SAS and SSD arrays, and hundreds of Enterprise-class Blade Servers spread across multiple data centers.

Powered by Citrix XenServer and IX's custom control and provisioning systems, we don't over-sell resources, so your CPU cycles, memory and storage are yours. Other providers share these resources across their customers; we don't. When your online service needs computing power, it's there.

We'll Grow With You
Hand's Free Upgradability - Limitless Scalability - Carrier-Grade Internet Connectivity As your online business grows, you can painlessly increase the power of your server without getting your hands dirty. When you need more CPU, memory, storage, bandwidth or other services, simply order more directly from your control panel and the resources are allotted to your Cloud(s).

Not all Internet access is created equal. Everyone knows that faster is better. But, how far you have to go is just as important. We have a blend of over six "Tier 1" internet providers. This means there are fewer router hops between your application and the rest of the world. We have fast pipes and short routes and a lot of them. Weather you need 1mbps or 10gbps, we have the quality bandwidth to scale with your demands.

Priority Satisfaction
Dedicated Support Channels - Priority Access - Tiered Escalations - Total SatisfactionBusinesses demand commercial grade support. We offer many levels of support to meet your business's need. Whether you need help within the hour, or system management services, our staff is always available.

With a dedicated Support Hotline, SA Cloud Services customers enjoy Priority Access to our 24x7x365 Customer Support services, eliminating hold times and service delays. Support Tickets have tiered escalation levels ensuring timely response and resolution to support requests.

Your Total Satisfaction is our number one goal!
I have to admit, it takes a lot to impress me and you people have done just that

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